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本文摘要:2020-2021学年九年级英语Units1-7 单元专项习题汇编——完成句子Unit One完成句子 凭据汉语意思完成英语句子,每个空格填一个单词。1. 高声朗读有助于你造就语感。_______ _______ can help you to develop a sense of language.1.众所周知,知识源于质疑。 As we all know, ________ comes from ________.3. 我第一次到成都,就喜欢上了这个都会。


2020-2021学年九年级英语Units1-7 单元专项习题汇编——完成句子Unit One完成句子 凭据汉语意思完成英语句子,每个空格填一个单词。1. 高声朗读有助于你造就语感。_______ _______ can help you to develop a sense of language.1.众所周知,知识源于质疑。

As we all know, ________ comes from ________.3. 我第一次到成都,就喜欢上了这个都会。I_______ _______ _______ ______ Chengdu when I came to the city for the first time.4. 你读得快慢主要取决于你的词汇量和阅读习惯。Whether or not you read fast mainly_______ ________ your vocabulary and reading habits.5. 优秀的初学者会把所学的知识重复训练,而且他们不怕堕落Good learners will _______ _______ what they have learned,and they are not afraid of _______ mistakes.6. 我认为在最近几年里我们已经对乡村留守儿童的教育问题给予了关注。I think we have already __ ___ ___ the education problems of children left behind in villages in recent years. 7. 幸运的是,他母亲很有耐心,没有放弃资助他。

Luckily, his mother was very __________ and didn’t give ________ ________ him.8.“一带一路”的目的是将亚非欧联系起来,并促进沿线国家的生长。The Belt and Road aims to_______Asia with Europe and Africa, and help with the _________of the countries along the routes.Unit Two完成句子 凭据汉语意思完成英语句子,每个空格填一个单词。1. 他已经胖了10斤了。He’s _________ __________ 10 pounds.2. 有些人直到失去康健才意识到康健的重要性。

Some people won’t realize the ___________of their health___________ they lose it .3. 你不应该拒绝邀请他,他已把这个消息随处流传。You shouldn’t __________to invite him,he has _________the news everywhere.4. “不平来战”已经成为一句盛行语。

“If you don’t _________ me ,let’s ________ each other.”5.有时候惟有一场眼泪,我们才气清晰视线。Sometimes our vision clears only after the tears _______ _______ our eyes.6.不是每个梦想都能成真,不是每项事情都能乐成,最美的风物总是在路上。Not every dream will come true, not every job will ________ _________ with a success.The most beautiful scenery is on the way. 7.一开始我们并不喜欢它,可最终我们为之欢呼起来。

We didn’t like it at first,but we ______ ______cheering. 8.但你在网上购物时,你不认真选择你将支付比你想节约的更多的钱。If you don’t choose carefully when shopping online , you’ll___ ____ ____ more money than you want to save .9.来自差别国家的人相互之间也会通报着温温暖爱。

People from different counties also need to________love and________. Unit Three完成句子 凭据汉语意思完成英语句子,每个空格填一个单词。1. 老师通常花五分钟的时间来导入新课。The teacher usually _______ five minutes _______into his class,2. 当我途经她的课堂时,看到她悄悄地正在念书。

I saw her ______ a book in silence when I _______ _______ her classroom.3. 人们记得,在最艰辛的条件下,为了资助别人,他日复一日何等努力地事情。People remember ______ ______ he worked day after day in the worst possible conditions to help others.4. 在差别的情景下运用恰当的语言会使人们更好地举行交流。Using the right language in different situations will help you ______ better _______other people.5. 直到他说话,我才发现他是扬州人。

I didn't know he ________ from Yangzhou ________ he said a word6. 大家正盼愿着暑假呢。We are _________ ________ to the summer holiday.7. 我想知道为什么你今天上学又迟到了。I want to know _________ you _________ _________ for school again today.8. 乐成来自于艰辛的事情。

Hard work_______ _______ success.Unit Four完成句子 凭据汉语意思完成英语句子,每个空格填一个单词。1.Tom童年时一点也没有获得疼爱。

Love was totally _______ _________ Tom’s childhood.2.昨天放学后我只看到一小部门学生在操场上打篮球。I saw there_______only a small number of students_______basketball on the playground.3.你一小我私家吗?我只想和你私下聊聊。


Are you_______?I just want a _______conversation with you.4.士兵们坚持战斗竣事,将军对他们的英勇行为大加赞赏。The soldiers______ _____until the end of the battle,so the general spoke highly of them.5.明星的言行举止对青少年有很大的影响,因此他们要谨言慎行。The actions and words of pop stars can have a great______ _____teenagers so they should pay more_______ to their behaviors and speech.6.乐成需要天赋和艰辛的劳动,摩西奶奶七十岁开始学画画,最终取得了乐成。Success needs a lot of ______ and hard work , Granny Moses _______ _______drawing at the age of seventy, she ________ it in the end.7.我唯一遗憾的是,由于已有约定在先,我不能两全与会. I only regret that ,due to prior commitments,I can’t be with you_____ ______.8.在面试中Tom被要求做个大要的自我先容。

Tom was_______to give a general_______in a job interview.9. 妈妈决议亲自谢谢老师对我的资助。Mother decided to thank my teacher______ _______ for his help.10. 她通过从事演唱,乐成地应对了含羞的毛病。She ________ ________ her shyness by ______ _______ singing. 11. 明星走到哪儿都备受关注。Stars get ______ _______ _______wherever they go.12. 开始的时候他有点畏惧这个老师。

He _______ a little_______ _______ the teacher at first.13. 今天我以学校为荣,明天学校以我为傲。Today I’m _______ of my school and tomorrow my school will _______ _______ in my success.14你有多乐成取决于你事情有多努力。

How much you can achieve ______ _______ how hard you have worked.15.他曾经思考过放弃歌颂事业,但最终还是努力坚持了下来。He thought about _______ up singing , but he_______ ______ in the end .16.中国互联网新媒体公司作为新兴的生产者已经成为焦点. China’s Internet new media company,as a new producer,has got________ _______attention.Unit Five完成句子 凭据汉语意思完成英语句子,每个空格填一个单词。1、据我所知,西门子在19世纪40年月就建立了。

_______ _______ _______ I know, Siemens was set up in the 1840s.2. 根据中国历史,孔明灯首先被诸葛孔明使用。Chinese history, sky lanterns ______ first ________ _______ Zhuge Kongming.3. 岂论你在那里,总能发现中国制造的产物。______ _______ where you are, you will always find _______ _______ in China. 4. 这个房间空了良久了,现在桌子上满是灰尘。

The room ______ ______ empty for long, so the table is _______ _______ thick dust .5. 让我们烧点热水洗洗脚吧。Let’s _______ some water ______ wash our feet.5.鞭炮常用在节日和其他庆典场所。Firecrackers _______ ________ _______ festivals and other _______.7.为了制止浪费资源,我们必须尽可能多地循环使用。

In order to _______ ________ resources, we must recycle them as much as possible.8. 生日蜡烛点燃了,它像小孩梦中,那闪亮的希望。The birthday candle _______ ________,it shone like the hope in children’s dream.9.都知道祖怙恃可能溺爱孙辈,但一项新的研究讲明,他们也可以资助孩子们提高他们的社交技术和行为。Grandparents might be ______ ______spoiling(溺爱)grandchildren,but a new study says they might also be helping the kids improve their social skills and behaviors.10.随着盘算机和智能手机等新技术的到来,手写成为了一种怀旧的技术。With the coming of new technologies like computers and smart phones,writing_____ _____has become something of a nostalgic skill.Unit Six完成句子 凭据汉语意思完成英语句子,每个空格填一个单词。

1.我在公交车上偶然遇到了Tom,我们十年未晤面了。I met Tom on the bus ________ _______. We haven't seen for ten years2. 迈克尔.杰克逊被全世界的人所推崇。Michael Jackson was ______ _______ ______ by people all over the world.3.毫无疑问,中国人是最明白茶精髓的人。

The Chinese are________ ________ the people that best understand the ______ of tea.4. 上周我们学校举行了经典名著阅读角逐。Last week the _______ reading competition _______ place in our school.1-cn-j5. 近几年来,济南的西部发生了庞大的变化。Western Jinan _______ _______ a lot in the last few years.6. 微信在中国手机用户中越来越普及了。

The ________ of WeChat _______ _______ for mobile phone users around China.7. 王老师知识渊博,履历富厚,谈论问题总是切中要害。Mr.Wang is ________ and has rich experience, he always _____ ______ _____ about the problem.8.他能自信的表达,总是能说到点子上。

He can express something confidently and always ______ a _______.9.生活的乐成不是偶然的。它是投入许多时间和精神着手去做事的效果。

Success in life doesn’t happen______ ________.it’s the result of devoting your time and energy to what you’ve set out to do.10.多亏了韩剧《来自星星的你》,炸鸡啤酒这个新混搭小吃在年轻人中收到了追捧。Thanks to the Korean drama Man From the Star , the______ of beer and fried chicken ,the newmixed-and-match junk food has______among the young.11.大量的森林能阻止风把沙土吹走。Too many forest can_____the wind _____blowing the sand away. Unit 7完成句子 凭据汉语意思完成英语句子,每个空格填一个单词。1. 我后悔跟妈妈顶嘴,没有听妈妈的话。

I regret _______ _________to my mom, not listening to her.2. 在公园里游客应该被阻止踩踏草地 The visitors______ _______ _______ from stepping on the grass in the park.3. 我们不阻挡跑步。We have nothing ___________ ____________.4. 你认为我们必须让青少年远离网络吗? Do you think we must teenagers the Internet?5. 只有做完了,你才可以下班回家。

Only when the work is _______ , _______ ______be able to go back home.6. 孩子,你的粗心正在故障你的进步。My dear, your carelessness is ______ _______ the way of your progress.7. 我们都盼望呼吸新鲜的空气,并一直支持任何掩护情况的决议。We are all thirty for clean air to breathe and are always _______ any decision to _____ the environment.8.恐惧阻挡了你前进的脚步,你要努力克服它。


Fear has _______in the _______of your forward footstep,you have to overcome it. 9..最近热播的韩剧《太阳的后裔》是一道韩国传统摒挡在中国越来越盛。.它就是男主角为女主角做的人参汤。The recently hot TV drama Descendents of the Sun《太阳的后裔》has made the__________of a traditional South Korean dish keep___________in China, which The hero cooked Samgyetang ,or ginseng chicken soup,for the heroin. 10.物理学家史蒂芬.霍金坐在他的轮椅上与病魔抗争了 50 多年,这让他成为一部活生生的教育大片。

The physicist Stephen Hawking had “walked” in his wheelchair and______ illness for over 50 years, which made him to be a living_________movie.11.“声临其境”节目组采访了韩雪,她说精彩的演员能真正展示他们自己的专业能力.Han Xue said that outgoing actors could truly show their_______abilities when she was ________by The Sound.Units 1-5 月考完成句子 凭据汉语意思完成英语句子,每个空格填一个单词。1.李磊在《我是歌手》中获得了许多关注. Li Lei got of in I Am a Singer. 2.做决议前要深思熟虑. You’d better think about it carefully before a . 3.上周观光了博物馆后,我为中国的发现感应自豪. I in Chinese inventions after visiting the museum last week. 4.酒后驾驶引发了许多交通事故. Many traffic accident by driving after drinking . 5.他们不知道如何应对即将到来的狂风雨.They don’t know how to the coming rainstorm.6.当我们说起秋天,我们经常会把金黄色的落叶与之联系起来。

When we talk about autumn , we often_________the yellow and golden leaves_______it.7.她看完影戏《猛火英雄》,最后哭得跟泪人似的。After watching the movie The Bravest ,she ________ _____crying her eyes out.8.Jack 的事情能力让他更擅长应对这些问题。Jack’s work ability made him better at______ _____these problems.9.苏轼的诗作《水调歌头》广为中国人民所知。The poem Prelude to Water Melody by Su Shi_______widely______by Chinese people.10.无现金支付服务已经影响到我们的生活方式,对我们来说它真的很利便。

Cash payment has_________the way of our life and it is really _______for us.Units 1-6 月考完成句子 凭据汉语意思完成英语句子,每个空格填一个单词。1.教给孩子们如那边理日常生活中的种种问题至关重要. It’s very important to teach children how to______ ______all kinds of problems in their daily lives. 2.为了制止犯同样的错误,他重复训练. He practiced again and again in order to______ ______the same mistake.3.现在在我们学校,班里的同学们被分成几个小组来上英语课. Now the students in the class are______ ______several groups to have English classes in our school.4.中国许多著名的文学作品被翻译成了多国语言以流传中国文化. Many famous Chinese literature works are______ into different languages to_______Chinese culture.5.因为屠呦呦荣获了诺贝尔医学奖,所以所有中国人都为之而感应自满. All the Chinese______ ______in Youyou Tu because she won the Nobel Prize in medicine.6.人们针对为什么我们没能制作出《来自星星的你》这么盛行的电视剧发生了争论。People debate why we haven’t made TV plays popular “My love from the Star”.7.我们必须接纳行动,防止流感的伸张。We must to prevent the flu from ______ . 8.中国是一个充满需求、天赋和创意的国家,它无疑会成为世界信息技术的向导者。

In a country full of desire, talent and ideas, China will______ ______ become a world leader in information technology.9.无论你走到那里,都市不行制止的买到由中国制造的工具. _______ _______ ______you are, you will inevitably buy something ______ ______ China. 10.就我们所知,炸薯条是意外发现的。As far as we know, potato chips are invented_______ _________.11.作为一其中国人,我们为志愿者的体现感应自豪。As a Chinese, we_______ ________ in the _________ of the volunteers.12.高科技便利了我们的生活,可是同时也使得许多人夜不能寐。

High___________ makes our life________, but it also keeps many people up late. 13.多亏了韩剧《来自星星的你》,炸鸡啤酒这个新混搭小吃在年轻人中收到了追捧。Thanks to the Korean drama Man From the Star , the______ of beer and fried chicken ,the newmixed-and-match junk food has______among the young. 期中试题完成句子 凭据汉语意思完成英语句子,每个空格填一个单词。

96.在字典中查新单词是个好习惯。It’s a good habit to ______________ __________ the new words in a dictionary.97.上周看完了《厉害了我的国》后,我为中国的生长感应自豪。I __________ ________ in the development of China after watching the film called Amazing China last week .98.乔治毫无疑问是我们学校最棒的篮球运发动。

George is ______________ __________ the best basketball player in our school.99.根据他的说法,人的性格分为四种颜色。People's characters are _______________ ____________ four colors according to his theory.100. 100多个国家和国际组织努力支持和到场“一带一路”建设。Over 100 countries and _____________ organizations have ____________ and taken part in the Belt and Road actively.101.我们育英的英语老师时常事情到很晚。

The English teacher in Yuying work late______ time_______ time.102.波士顿动力的最新机械人Atlas以可以做后空翻而闻名。The newest robot Atlas made by Boston Dynamics is_______ ______ doing backflips.103.情况恶化不是偶然的,我们必须改善它。The bad condition of the environment is not_________ _______ we must improve it.104. 4月1日的一则通告,令雄安一夜之间从默默无闻的小城酿成了全中国家喻户晓的名字。

With a report made on April 1, Xiongan_________ _________ from nowhere to become a household name in China overnight.105.济南人民下刻意建立全国精神文明都会,最后取得了乐成。People in Jinan________a _______to build the national civilized city, and at last made it.。